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When the King & Queen of Badulina first entered his restaurant in India, author Gabi Nitzan could not have guessed that his life - like the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world - will change forever.

Badulina is a tiny kingdom in Europe where everybody is raised on the belief that there is one single choice to be made in life, no matter the situation: Either you react like a victim - or you react like a King or a Queen.

In a Journey that spreads over the Himalayas, Tel-Aviv, Egypt and Mexico Nitzan learns why the royal couple isn`t married, goes on a Dragon Hunt with the King, becomes dangerously involved in a Summit with the USA president and falls hopelessly in love with the Queen.

Since first published 20 years ago, Badulina became a treasured secret for hundreds of thousands of readers. With no publishing agencies or PR budget, the Kingdom of Badulina keeps growing by word of mouth, always reaching its readers at the right royal moment.

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